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Content for Tier 1

Hey guys i want to know where to buy unique articles perfect for a gsa project tier 1 . 
How many i need ? Can you share some services taht sell unique content for gsa projects ?


  • Hello valib4,
    I used ineedarticles and iwriter to buy original articles, actually I prefer the last one. Anyway, there are many websites that sell articles, and the quality depends of the price you can/want to pay.
    Good luck!
  • edited February 2014
    @peterperseo are you using iwriter and ineedarticles for T1 or Money Site?

    Lots of people use generatec content for Tier1 - form ContentFoundry, SEO Content Machine, Kontent Machine and many others tools.
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    i pretty much just use article builder.....
  • @meph No, I buy articles only for money sites, for T1 I use spun text (scraped with Kontent Machine, spun with TBS).
    Anyway soon I will change KM with SCM. I read better reviews of SCM, and I'm not very satisfied of the content prepared by KM
  • I am using SCM, its one of the best software!
    But there is one thing - SCM scrapes Bing for articles and because of that it sometimes gives much less results (and accurate) that other software like Countent Foundry - example:
    When you want to look for articles SCM use query like: " birthday"
    SCM (Bing) will result: 26 articles
    Google results: 53 700 (google gives also much more accurate results)

  • @meph
    But can you chose, on SCM, the sources from where to scrape content? I mean, if you want can you scrape content from google? For example, this is something IAW can do, but not KM. With KM anyway you can chose which articles directory to scrape content from
  • Article Builder works well if you have the right niche. Word AI Turing is pretty awesome. Combining Word AI with Kontent Machines Article getter is a nice combo.
  • @peterperseo currently you can't. SCM uses Bing search and Bing cache to pull out articles. 
    You can add own sources but SCM will first search for articles in Bing using query "site:SOURCE". 
    There is voting for this feature to have option which SE you want to use

    SCM has ability to search in sources (uses Bing qith query site etc.) and there is an option to search directly in Google instead of soruces. SCM will look for top serps and pull out content from articles/websites.
  • peterperseo currently you can't. SCM uses Bing search and Bing cache to pull out articles.

    This is sorta true.

    Anything use custom sources goes through BING.

    However, nothing stopping you from selecting Google ONLY then putting this as a keyword.

    " birthday" and SCM will pass that straight into Google.

    Its not as convenient as selecting a source and pressing Go.  *Its a workaround*

    I will look at allowing Google scraping, in next update though.

  • Great news everybody!

    SEO Content Machine accepts Google / Bing / Bing Cache as a selection when trying to scrape content for any custom site.

    The feature requested by over 300+ votes, has been completed and will be part of the update.
  • @scm Thank You! Always appreciate the consistent attention to the app. 
  • WOW! That's amazing news! This is what makes great apps stand out. Listening to the users and dedication. SCM is so far the best investment app, period.
  • EarthlingEarthling New York City
    I'm currently using Wicked Article Creator ( WAC ), which is similar to Kontent Machine but much more affordable ( $75 ). WAC can create Tier 1 and Tier 2 content, and is quite flexible. It also works flawlessly with GSA SER and other seo link building tools.

    Tier 1 content from WAC, as so far seems very readable, but of course not quite equivalent to a human author. If you just want to create Tier 1 content for backlink purposes only then WAC is pretty good for it.
  • After one year Peter have his answer! Great work scm! :)
  • Earthling Well my experience with WAC Tier 1 is not that great, they claim that the article is 97% unique, but it's far from that.
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