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Don't understand verification.

Hello, I am new to this software but after watching a few videos I can set up a campaign successfully but the only problem I seem to be having is that I get a lot of "SUBMITTED" but only some of those VERIFY, I'm I missing a special set up or something? My captcha credits seem to be wasting on this submitted sites but not worth it if i'm only getting half of those links. Anyone?


  • #1: Don't use a captcha solving service like Decaptcher, deathbycaptcha etc. - SER will burn through these like crazy. Get an OCR software like captcha breaker instead.

    Many of the sites are moderated and not auto approve. If SER checks your submitted links if they are actually there and a moderator has not yet approved them (or deleted them already) then it won't turn into a verified link. That's all there is to it.
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