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i7+16GB RAM (Out of memory error)


Is there any solution to "out of memory" error ?
How it`s possible this error appears if I see over 90% of my memory resources  are free, processor utilization is up to 20% max.

I just can`t run more than 100 threads to avoid that error. I know I have many projects but such powerfull server should handle that I think.
Do you have the same problems ?



  • Have you tried using the Scheduler? It's on the right side of the Start/Stop button...
  • edited February 2014
    I don`t run all my projects in the same time of course, but the problem is I have so many of them the scheduling  doesn`t help. I know I can buy another license, server etc. but the question is why SER can`t use all the resources of the server but only the small part of them and showing up that strange error.
  • edited February 2014
    I believe SER can only use up to 4GB ram.
  • edited February 2014

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