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GSA + "windows SEO VPS Servers" = awful experience

Not sure how everyone's experiences has been with these, but i have seriously wish i didn't go with my provider. Its been endless days of trying to reach him on skype to "update GSA" Even still, have to PM them in the morning to updated it or fix my issue. Has still not updated my tools that they said they could host. It feels like All the programs constantly crash or dont work correctly. Hard to say what the real issue so no need for names. But having to pause my projects for 12-24 hours at a time sucks. (w/e right, but feel bad that the other people who i got to sign up are dealing with this too )

GSA most of all has been the biggest issue. Burns up my proxies , constantly has issues with the built in proxy scanner, serengines success rate was almost null. Was extremely slow at posting, and kept crashing. So much i just ditched the sites i was working on with it. 

This is just my experience. Sometimes its just best to Get the best from the start right?
Time to find a new way of going about this. Anybody know of a can anyone recommend some good hosting companies they run gsa on?

( Just trying to save other people some headaches)
Do some research 1st people.


  • goonergooner
    Solidseovps are very good, also you will get better results if you don't use SER for scraping.
    Scrape yourself with GScraper or Scrapebox or buy verified lists.
    SER always burnt my proxies, but with SB i can scrape 24 hours per day with the same proxies.
    The reason is because in SER you can not control how many threads are scraping, in SB you can control exactly how many threads are scraping and preserve your proxies.
  • Yeah I have been hearing good things about @Solidseovps lately. Will look into it. : ]
  • OP the fact you can't get in touch with 'him' is probably the problem. Go with a bigger company, as mentioned, SolidSEO is great and understand what SER is like and their support is on the forum too.
  • But you will get complains if you use Gscraper directly on solidseovps. They send you emails about netscan abuse if you use it with Gscraper and if you still use it, they will terminate your account.
  • @magix So what you use suggest for hosting Gscraper? 
  • goonergooner
    Yea it's true about Gscraper, if you use their proxies they leak like crazy and you'll get complaints
  • SpecialOne God Mode Host for scraping.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @magix, The problem with Gscraper, not that we ban them is that people use them on our servers and relay on Gscraper proxies that leaks, We have several clients using Gscraper with a VPN and we never shut them down
  • what VPN would you recommend for this @solidseovps ?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    We recommended HMA
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