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Spamvilla OCR VS Reverseproxies OCR

Both breaks Recaptcha pretty well, but does anyone ever compared both of their performances? Spamvilla is cheaper and they've been up almost 100% of the time so far since Kelvin got back.


  • I cannot comment on Spamvilla, but Reverseproxies OCR is simply amazing.
  • Our usp is breaking tough captcha's only like yahoo, recaptcha, hotmail, we were the first one to break one digit one word 2 digits recaptcha first one to break blob recaptcha as well (atm we are working in new double circle blob ocr algo which will outrun all other service by breaking it by 45% accuracy) new things coming too eg mollom ocr beta gonna start in next few days, hotmail addon as well several things planned also uptime is also 99% without any issues and may be in next month we also add universal module to solve 1000+ captchas (which we already having for personal use) and we are adding an module to submit captcha's on clients demand as well stay tuned lots of goodies are coming
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Gotta love the Captcha wars.
  • @FuryKyle, why is Spamvilla cheaper?

    Spamvilla starts from $30, while Reverseproxies starts from $19.90.

    Or, it there a discount code I missed out somewhere. I want it too... :)
  • @Olve1954
    Look at the number of threads
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