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Cant find directory login details!!

edited February 2014 in Need Help
I am noob in gsa, i accidently post some link in porn directory(didnt check the skip porn site box). I want to remove that live link, I saw without login i cant remove the link. Below is the link:
I  know the following steps to how to get account login info, but i cant find this porn directory login info in export account.

Any suggestion to how do i remove my link from porn sites?? Thanks

Sorry for bad english.


  • SvenSven
    if you export account data or even the URLS in the "Show Verified URLs" you should see that login/password in there.
  • I did this, In GSA it shows i have 185 verified urls, when i export account of verified urls. It gives me only 12 urls login info. No porn urls login info there

    Can you send me screenshot. Thanks SVEN
  • SvenSven
    when was that link build? Maybe with an older version? In that case the login/password might not have been saved here.
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