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Berman hosting. Do not use them!!!!

Just wanted to post feedback about berman hosting.

6 hours ago i've got message "The username or passwors is incorrect".

I've posted a ticked at suppport. No response at all!!!!!
Do not use berman hosting.  
I'm a very polite client. But this was the last thing. 

I DO NOT recommend them! 
1. I've got critical issue and had do any response at all for 5 HOURS (!) my ticket is marked as URDGENT
2. I had issues with them before. They had a very slow connection issues that was always dropped even after i've asked to move me on a faster server it was still slow. I have a dedicated linux server and i can compare the speed with it.

What will you suggest to move at? SolidVPS?


  • this service is really strange. Already past 9 hours and no answer from them. I've posted 3 tickets in different departments  but none of them were answered. 
  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    I'm pretty sure I read other people had support problems with these guys. Seems to be a mixed bag. Some people really like them though.
  • i've been using them since July 2013, and suggested to my friend he had the problems like i now. If i was smarter id moved to another hosting earlier. The main problem is that there my BIG gsa links database and all campaigns that i run. 
  • hey @valeravl im on the same situation, incorrect password.. i posted a ticket also and no response, i have been with berman for 4-6 month so far no big issues at all this is very strange... they usually respond to my tickets in less than 1 hour, in some occasions 2-3 hours max 
  • +359.883358388 this number was in domain whois info and it doesn't answer. Looks like its fake
  • well its a shame, that they do not answer. Finally i've got success with YT video promotion and got in top positions and....this happend
  •  rodol. Did you get message about VPS was hacked?

    I've just got new login and password and this message: 

    "Please, accept our apologies for the delay. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know."

    P.S.  I do not install any hacked software on the server. The same happend with my friend
  • I have used them for over a year and find them okay. It is worth bearing in mind that they are based in Europe so will be asleep at the time you sent in your support request. I am sure thy will sort you out when they get to work...
  • valeravl  they replied with new user, pass, ip:port.... no apologies, i asked for an explanation
  • lol they saying my password wasn't secure enough and there was a security breach....if it was my pass fault this only happens to me but there are more ppl on this situation so is their security problem... im moving from berman for sure, to bad that i alrdy payed this month.
  • well, now i can't connect to the server again....

    Rodol what about you?
  • @valeravl when you do get access again and so you don't lose your files/databases use DropBox and backup your SER copy every day. I lost my files from switching providers and had to start all over again, which sucks.

    SolidSEOVPS is a very good provider and the support is here on the forum too.
  • i used them over months. for this price, the vps are okay. they always replied fast to my questions.
  • bekkolt, i thought the same.

     I'm going to move to solidseovps in the end of this month. hope it will be better in support and speed. 

    Yesterday whole day i wasn't able to update ser indexer and cb because it dropped connection in the middle of file download. 
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    okay berman support is very weak but products very good. My vps performance good and im happy :)
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    @valeravl i am now using solid seo ssd vps for $89 and it's running like crazy ;-)
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    valeravl after the new ip, no problems at all, but anyways now i know that my information is compromised on berman, they have security problems and blame the customers... that's why im moving anyways.
  • guys what are you promoting? YT videos or sites?
  • I used bermanhosting for one month and that was plenty for me. The fact that they told me to limit my RAM usage because it was affecting other costumers made me immediately switch. I was under the impression that the RAM you're getting is dedicated to you and you only. Also my experience with gsa ser on the vps I had was horrible. I'm very happy that I'm using a dedicated server now which has a lot more resources though I'm not paying much more than I paid for my former vps. I'm never getting near bermanhosting again and I'd never recommend them to anyone.
  • I think every VPS provider limits CPU without telling you how much but the idea of limiting RAM is horrible.
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