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How to add items from a folder on the computer?

Hello @Sven I have a question, I've searched and have not found info, why I have created this post with the corresponding title.

I use many campaigns and many articles, and put them by hand in each campaign is slow and tedious. Is this the option to have articles in directories and imported from there, that's perfect, do but how it works?

That way I have to keep articles for GSA be know is title, I can assume that the first serious line title, and then feel the line would be the first parrafor etc...  I add spineados articles manually with chimp rewriter, do not use automatic spin, are items of good quality and unique written by us, so I want it to do well

I could detail a bit how it works to use it without problems, thanks in advance



  • SvenSven
    just right click and choose a macro you want. It asks for the folder and writes the complete macro for you.
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