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GSA Moving very slow - Used to run fast on this PC.

edited February 2014 in Bugs
Hey, Since the last few versions of GSA, no matter what amount of threads I set it on.. 100, 150, 200, etc, it moves very slow. It 'appears' to be using the threads (shows it's using all 150 threads for example) - but they just stall for a long time during the submission. Like it's moving on only 1-10 threads.

I monitor my bandwidth on router and seems it bounces up and down pretty drastically, where it used to maintain a more constant speed. Internet connection is 100mbps down / 20 up. PC is Core 2 duo 2.4ghz, 4gb ram.. CPU usage always small %. Captcha setup is CB as main source, CaptchaSniper is backup.

50 Semi-dedicated proxies.
Global list only (no search engines), PR2+, and extension filter (only blocking .ru and .cn).
'Skip hard captchas' checked.
'Save PR with URL' checked.
Only submitting to contextual engines.

I'm wondering if it's a problem with just this PC - but I have been using it no problem for several months.

Any suggestions?



  • Seems to be the PR checking moving slow... I tested unchecking the PR filter and it's moving fast and using constant bandwidth. It there a way to make GSA not re-check the PR each time - Only use the PR filter?
  • SvenSven
    just turn the PR filter off...thats all you can do actually.
  • It's much faster without the PR filter - I don't see the point in having 'high PR' it doesn't mean a great deal these days. Having a diverse range of PR 0-9 is better any way. If you can blast through 20k more links without a PR filter compared to getting two PR6 links in an hour, then I know which one I'd have ;)
  • Hmm but what if building T1 links for example. What's the point of saving the PR with the Site list if GSA has to re- check PR anyways? Is there no way to tell GSA, only use PR2+, only use URLs that have PR checked already?
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