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v7.63 - importing list of urls - delete cache and history - already parsed message

Hi @sven,

If I usage a list of urls and load it into a duplicated project and I deleted history, url cache and even account data of this project, it shows me "already parsed" message if I let it run. Is this okay or a bug ? I thought if I delete history, url cache and account data it starts with a cleaned-up project ?




  • SvenSven

    If you duplicate a project you don't even have to clear cache or something alike as just data+options are duplicated.

    However thats not a bug but natural as e.g. search engines reply with same results to different footprints or different search engines reply with same results to your query. So even after first search query you have URLs and if one URL has been parsed, you see an "already parsed" for the second.

  • Ah, okay, I see. Thanks you for clearing it up....
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