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Web 2.0 Question

Hello GSA Forums,

I need someone to explain me some things. I want to know does having more Web 2.0 means you will rank better, as well if i want to rank for example 5 keywords, i guess i can't put exactly same keywords on all Web 2.0 pointing to my money site like example1,2,3,4,5 because that would look suspicious and not natural at all to have exactly 5 keywords on every web 2.0 pointing to my money site, so what should i do then? Is it just important to have even just some generic keywords and even naked urls, because that would looks more natural and in GSA i should just setup what keywords i want to rank for. I really would like someone to clear this things up with me. 



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    You definitely want it to look as natural as possible. This also means not only having backlinks from web 2.0s, because no one will have an entire legit backlink profile consisting of web 2.0s only. Also it's quite a big footprint if you add 5 links to your money site in each web 2.0(ie. 5 web 2.0s each pointing 5 times to your money site). A thing which has gotten more recommended lately is co-citation, where you'll link to a few non competing authority sites in your niche. This is to show google that these web 2.0s are not only made to boost one specific website, but rather made by people who are interested in the niche and puts your website next to sites of big authority. Personally, I'd only use 1 link to my money site from a tier 1 backlink and then anywhere between 1-3 links to authority sites in the same niche. Variety is also important which is why you wouldn't want every tier 1 property to have the same number of images, videos, and outbound links.

    Edit: Oh and I forgot to say that you need to be careful of how many times you are using your keywords as anchors. It's a good practice to see what your competitors has done with their anchor ratio distribution, but I wouldn't recommend you to use more than 15% for each keyword. It's here naked urls and generic keywords plays an important role, because it again makes your backlink profile look more natural.
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    Never mind me :)
  • Hey fakenichakl,

    Thanks for your feedback!  I'm creating my Web 2.0 always manually and make it look as natural as possible in each Web 2.0 i put different keyword anchor text variation, so i guess i should be fine.
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    Web 2.0s are a big help. Here's a process to look at:
    1. I want the subdomain to be keyword related. If I am selling widgets, then the property might be ""
    2. I make my first few posts without links. Putting links in your first posts early can trigger a deletion of your account.
    3. Build SER links first to the main subdomain first to build some authority. 
    4. Periodically, make some posts with links to authority sites, not your money site.
    5. In all of the posts with links to my money site, I also include a link to an authority site. Co-citation improves link juice, and it also creates a smoke screen.
    6. You want to build high quality links to your money site with SER. A ranking factor is link diversity, and it also looks natural. 
    fakenickahl, you need to manage your anchor text carefully. Too many money keywords in anchors will trigger Penguin. My advice would be to use Majestic SEO, and look at the anchor text link profiles of the top rankers for your keywords. Every niche has different thresholds for penguin. Whatever the top ranked websites have for money keyword anchors, I would do less. The reason being that those sites could get hit with the next penguin update, and if you have the same anchor text% you will get hit too. On my web 2.0s, I will be more aggressive with my keyword anchors, since there aren't many of them compared to the other links to my money site.
  • Hey Satans_Apprentice,

    Thanks for your feedback as well! So when you mentioned "ranking factor is link diversity" what else manually for tier 1 should i do besides Web 2.0? Also if my niche site is not ranking i guess i should increase number of web 2.0 since mostly i go with 5-10 Web 2.0, also i make sure my anchor text is not over optimized if i want to rank 5 keywords i make sure each keyword to have 2-3 % and others are generic anchor texts and domain urls.
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