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Content with Seo content machine + word ai

Hey guys i want to know if it's enough quality to amek the content with SCM +Wordai for Tier 1 .
It's enough or i need unique articles made manually ?


  • No-one really knows for sure, but past experience has taught me that as far as Google is concerned all you really need is "unique" content for tier 1 (and recent experience has taught me that it doesn't even have to be that unique lol), so as long as whatever the tool/s output is "unique" then you will be fine.

    If you want readable content to pass moderation or because your clients specify it, then you're going to need to choose a tool that can produce that.

    I don't own SEO Content Machine so can't really comment on that, but if you've got WordAI you could just go out and scrape a load of niche related articles, zip them, and use the bulk spinner to create enough content to last you a fair while. Just keep an eye on the settings that you are using to ensure that they are unique (and readable) enough for your liking though.
  • Wordai is great for tier 1. I'm using this tool , and the quality is very good, it is safe to use to link directly to money site if you also add pictures, videos, etc.
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