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How In The World Would I Even Attempt To Do This?

How In The World Would I Even Attempt To Do This?

Before I go into my questions, let me preface this by saying I am NOT an educated VPS/Server person.  I know enough to be dangerous but nothing more.

I guess the easiest way to ask my question of "how the heck could I do this" is just to tell you what I am trying to do :)

I have a ton of Rankwyz projects that I would like to go nuts with in regards to the backlinks I make to the sites.  I would like to make a 3 Tiered monster campaign for each of my Rankwyz networks.  I am thinking something like this:

I obviously got that diagram from @ron - thanks!  

Now each Rankwyz project has 100+ links in it that I would like to blast 24/7 and I have about 100 projects in Rankwyz :)

So my multiple questions are:

1) How many and what size VPS/Dedi would I need to do this?  I realize I won't be able to do this whole thing on one.

2) I have 160 private proxies from - do I need more?

3) How many links can you realistically work on in one GSA project?

4) That's it ;)

I really appreciate all of the help I have seen this community give other members - hopefully I won't be a taker and will be able to start giving as well. 


  • I'll have a go, but I'm not as expert as some of the guys on here ;)

    Firstly, there's a bit of work to do on the Rankwyz side. There's no point in building lots of links in SER to blogs / posts that are no help to you. So I would link only to blogs / posts that are the sub-domain type e.g., etc (you can pick those out in Rankwyz Account Creator). In Rankwyz use the "export" function to export all of the posts that you want to build links to, keeping each project in a separate file.

    In SER you'll need a new project for each of your Rankwyz projects...that's a bit of work :). Each project needs a spun article but since you're only linking to Web 2.0's I think you'll get away with something less than perfect. I use Auto Content Writer but there's plenty of choice out there. I do tend to manually edit the output from ACW, making sure that the title makes sense and also to insert a link macro into the article. The macro picks up the url / anchor text that you're using to link back to your Web 2.0.

    I typically start with just the tier1 stuff and then add tier2 and maybe tier 3 later, some of the time those second and third tiers don't seem to be needed. I also add on extra set of links and that is a Kitchen Sink set to the Rankwyz Web 2.0s. Presumably your Rankwyz Web 2.0s then link to your money sites, so I think that posting kitchen sink links to the Web 2.0s is far enough removed to not cause damage.

    Although there are functions in DER to duplicate projects etc, it's still a big job to set all those projects up, so good luck with that :).

    IMHO, the SER Scheduler function is one of your bestest friends, use that to control how many projects to run at a time, and let SER run your projects on auto-pilot. There are lots of people on here that know loads more about hardware than I do, so I'm sure they'll chirp in but I'd be tempted to start off with a reasonably powerful VPS and then upgrade if and when you feel it necessary. I wish that I had 160 private proxies :), you'll be fine. I'm not sure that there's a limit on how many URLs that you can link to within a project but 100 won't be a problem, I'm sure that some of mine have lots more than that..

    I'm sure that I've missed loads out, but that might get you started

    Good Luck
  • @filescape - thank you SO much for this well thought out response! I really appreciate you taking the time out to respond.

    Regarding the Rankwyz stuff...

    Yeah my networks only contain blogs with sub-domains so I have that part covered. I have been using a set up for a few months now where I do basically what you mentioned - export the posts made and the homepage URLS and then create a separate project for each network. So for example I would have a project in GSA titled "Weight Loss" or something and that project would correspond with the "Weight Loss" network in Rankwyz, which would contain all of the posts URLS and home page URLS of the blogs in the "Weight Loss" Rankwyz network.

    For content I use a combination of Article Builder and SEO Content Machine.  I put 20 spun articles into each GSA project.  

    For Tiers I currently just do Tier 1 and then clone it for Tier 2 - BUT I haven't been paying attention to what link types are in my GSA projects.  Basically every one of my projects are the "kitchen sink" style, meaning I just blast every link type I can at the Rankwyz blogs.  I would like to start incorporating the tier style that @ron has mentioned, where Tier 1 is the more contextual style links, etc.

    One thing I am not doing at all is putting in a link macro/token into the actual articles.  I have been using the check box in GSA that says something like "insert link in a sentence".

    I also have never used the Scheduler at all and that is something I need to get familiar with I am assuming.

    I don't want to say I have an "unlimited" budget for this set up but I have business partners that just want the best set up for what we are doing and we don't have a problem putting money behind it so that's why I am trying to figure out the best possible set up to accomplish enormous task.
  • @chadisa - You're well on the way and it sounds like you're running Rankwyz exactly the same way as I do :)

    I do think that you'll be better off doing your linking the "Ron" way although with so many projects to play with, you've got the ideal opportunity to play around and do a little testing. I have a feeling that the rankwyz projects where you've fired everything at them could rank quicker but might also die a fairly untimely death :) whereas the ones with separate high quality and kitchen sink might eventually turn out best. It's easy to set up an HQ and a KS selection in the left hand pane of an SER project, thus selecting all of your HQ or KS engines with a single click. I guess those links inserted by SER are ok although they'd be better if the file was edited to make the sentences just a little more "English", some of them read very strangely :)

    I think the beauty of the scheduler is that you can play around with the settings until the system is running at full potential. I only look at the CPU measurement on the bottom status bar (which apparently isn't very accurate), but it lets me increase the number of projects to run if that number is consistently below 90% and equally to lower the number of projects running if that number seems to be stuck on 99%. Provided that the number drops below 99% fairly regularly then I'm happy.

    Give me a shout if you have more questions

  • Thanks man - yeah I guess I will just need to get in there and start messing around and see what the results and output is like.
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