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[HELP] Content for My projects

edited February 2014 in Need Help
Hey guys i want to know.
1) how many unique articles i need for tier 1 
2)i can use spun content for the rest of tiers ? 
3)You can recoomand me a service who sells articles for Gsa ser

Thank you very much.


  • ronron
    I use the same spun article on all tiers and do just great. I'm lucky if I change the spins every 6 months.

    On projects I care about (meaning the T1 specifically) I try to find quality human spun articles. I get those at Article Builder ($299 annual membership) and The Leading Articles (something like $5 an article). But the lower tiers all have spun articles.

    I use Kontent Machine for all spinning except as noted above. I love that software. It finds 1000's of article sources and then extracts what it wants and spins it. There are alternatives to KM, like ACW, Word AI, etc. 
  • Yes , but how many unique articles for tier 1 :)

  • ronron
    It's a spin that can create thousands of new articles, so I'm not sure what your question is. 
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    i use article builder for just about everything
  • It's ok if i'm using seo content machine + word ai ? 

  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    word ai is considered by many to be the best your good there...i have never used seo content machine so cant really comment on that...
  • Get Article + WordAI bulk spin = enough content for thousands of projects for years ;)
  • ronron

    I have heard a lot of good things about Word AI. The main thing I heard is that it does an exceptional job of constructing darn near readable spins.

    My only reservation is that if you can read something, it was grabbed from somewhere, and not original. I do have to look into this more though. But early reports are that it is good. One of my good buds swears by it.

  • goonergooner
    I've just started using Word A1 and it is very good, @ron as a point about readable content being taken from somewhere but when you create your spins, Word A1 gives you examples like:

    - A very unique spin (usually not so readable)
    - A very readable spin (usually not so unique)
    - A random spin

    You can also hit a button to check any of those spins against Copyscape (premium Copyscape account needed). So you can see exactly how unique a spin is. Very nice :)
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