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GSA With A New Ecommerce Site

I am building a New Shop either on Shopify.
The store will have close to 5k items.

What would be a good plan to use GSA with it. I want to really get the long tail products raking and getting traffic.
Would I still tier build to the homepage or use a different strategy for all of the products,

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated,


  • If it's only 5 items then just run SER on the product pages. If you plan on adding hundreds of products then it's best to give the category pages a boost and let visitors choose from the selection. I wouldn't bother with the homepage, unless you have optimised it for a general keyword in your industry. For example, if your products are car wheels and your five products are OZ, Rays, Volks, BBS and Enkei then you would probably try and rank the homepage for 'alloy wheels' and the internal pages for more direct keywords ie. Enkei wheels.
  • I edited the post the store will have 5k items. It will be a very large store
  • OK then boost categories with SER. Read up on siloing a site - being an e-commerce site it will probably be in this sort of structure anyway. However, having had a brief experience with Shopify I didn't like it as it had weird URLs that couldn't be changed.
  • Hmm thanks for the response. 
    I has thought about Magento and Open Cart but wanted a hosted cart for this amount of products.
  • ekmpowershop would be my recommendation if you can be bothered to move it all over. Shopify will no doubt work I just don't like the limitations on on-page SEO - saying that I didn't have much of an experience, only limited , so there might be a work around.
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    I am not really familiar with Shopify, but why not use Woocomerce, you could benefit from plugins like Yoast SEO which have a dedicated add on for Woocomerce seo. as well as all other Wordpress plugins.

    As mentioned you should focus on promoting the product categories of your store -- here is something i posted about what links to promote -- you will see the category option : maybe it offers some help

    Good luck with your eCommerce site.
  • I am a WooCommerce fan as well +1
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