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73K Unique Drupal Domains Identified Lists 13 copies

That is result of checking raw list
GSA identified 73K
Xrumer Links database analysis 83K with footprints below

'content="Drupal 7 ("'
'<a href="http://drupal'
'<a href=""'
'<a href="">'
"Powered by Drupal"

Every url contains /node/
If combine these two list you will get 88K unique domains
Price 25$ limited copies 13



  • How much verified on this list ?
  • List is not verified only identified.
    Scraped and identified that's it.
    If you worked with drupal you know average percentage of verified for every 1000 this list should give you pretty same results.

  • Whats the use of identified list if not verified ? You'd better sell a verified list...from all those 70k identified maybe 100 will be verified . 
  • +1 Like other list sellers here do, give us a verified list.
  • Run your list trough the SER and show us the verified stats, once we know the verified amount and if it is worth buying, we will buy.
  • i pay for u now ^^
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    edited February 2014
    how many verified???...any run this yet to find out???
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