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Question about AdSense

Is it possible to get banned from adsense if I make some web 2.0 blogs (tier 1) and links from them to my adsense-site (I have lot of these, many years old sites) and use GSA SER to create a few thousands links pointing to my tier 1 ?

Thank you


  • Google will ban you for pretty much anything they want, but yeah do that with web 2.0s and point them at your money site. It's best to have multiple forms of contextual links not just web 2.0s. 
  • What ^^ says.

    Link diversity is key.
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    I don't think that they will ban you because of your backlink profile, 'cause you cannot control who what links to your sites in real world. If they would do so, then it would be a piece of cake to get your competitor adsense accounts banned just by spamming their sites with links, and that would cause a huge noise from white hat community.
    I think that only ranking algorithms are responsible for filtering out bad sites with bad link profiles, and adsense has nothing to do with those issues.

    All what adsense want is genuine and not misleading traffic in their network.

    Watch this adsense policies video:
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