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Silo with same work in all keywords

edited February 2014 in Other / Mixed
Hi guys I am about to embark on building a silo site. I have settled on HTML5 and CSS3 as I have read that there is a lot of problems with silo's and Wordpress or is it doable?

Also is there a site or software which will do the same thing as Yoast or All in one seo plugin for a static site?

My question is I wanted to build an authority site with many keywords but it will almost certainly have the name of the town I am targeting.

Bristol nightlife

(first silo)
Bristol nightclub tickets (Hard keyword)
Bristol oceana nightclub tickets
Bristol Ceasers nightclub tickets
Bristol Tiger Tiger nightclub tickets
Bristol Hippodrome nightclub tickets

(Second silo)
Bristol Hotels(hard keyword)
Bristol travelodge
Bristol Premiere inn
Bristol Premiere inn

Will having the name Bristol in everything going to penalise me?
It will be hard to rank for non specific keywords as I am targeting Bristol.
Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

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