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[HELP] GSA Not Posting Any Links

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hi GSA Member,

I like to ask for a help. I just move my VPS from Berman to TrustVM. But after i move, the GSA didn't posting any link at all. This have been two days.

At first i import a list of url in to the GSA, but after 1 days, I didn't got any links then i start to delete the target url and run it again. But till today, i still got no link build by GSA.

I run 25 thread, with over 50 campaign set to submit 100 link and pause for 720 and using 50 private proxy.

The GSA keep mention this :


Can anyone please help? I have try to delete the target url and cache and still the same.

Please help...



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