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Saved captcha

Hey just got GSA SER and CB, I use death by captcha for ones that CB cant answer. I was wondering if you can use the saved captcha's that death by captcha answers to improve for CB accuracy? Also about the auto improve option, i think I read that it shouldn't be messed with? When I first opened it I saw that option and ran it for a minute or two, did I hurt my accuracy? Any good TUT's around? Surprisingly not many youtube videos.


  • SvenSven

    Don't run that unless you have many correct answered captchas for each captcha type.

    If you have however, it can be good to find a more accurate solution for that type. Feel free to send me such captchas and I can combine them with mine to improve things.

  • Thats sven, well did I mess it up because I did run it for a min or 2? can I reset it if I did mess it up?
  • SvenSven
    Reinstall and overwrite all files.
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