90% of my "Submitted" are reading "0" with 3 tier and 4 secondary set up

Here is a screen shot - http://i.imgur.com/z2RqZvw.png

Most of my projects are months old and almost all of them are zeroing out in the "Submitted" column. Any idea what could be wrong? I have 30 private proxies that tested fine against Google.

My set up is as such

Tier 1 pr3+ and secondary nofollow pr3+
-- Tier 2 pr1+ and secondary nofollow pr1+
--- Tier 3 pr0+ and secondary nofollow pr0+
---- Secondary pr any kitchen sink


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    you are perfectly fine . Check your SER verification setting , you must have ticked "remove after 1st verification" .
    So while verification of the submitted links SER if finds the link moves it to verified status or else according to your setting deletes the count from "Submitted" .
     I also have same settings , but never had Submitted count to 0 , maybe you are using different engines .
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    Thanks @DonCorleone I don't have the "remove after 1st verification" selected. I did add some footprints but only for tier1 articles. I disabled those custom footprints but that shouldn't have an effect on all other other engines.
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