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( Very LOW LpM & Very LOW Verified URLs ) Please Help a Disabled Old Man, God Bless You All

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please Heeeeeeeeeelp  Disabled Man I am Suffering With = > ( Very LOW  LpM & Very LOW Verified URLs )

The Old Version Of GSA ( v6.80 ) Was a Blessed Shooting Star

After The Latest Update Of GSA Search Engine Ranker to = > ( v7.53 )

1- Very LOW  LpM = > Less than 1

2- Very LOW Verified URLs = > Maximum 3 per day.


If Anyone Can Post a Screen Shot For The Best Settings in General To Resolve This Issue I Will Appreciate That.

1- I am Using 10 Private Proxies Plus Public Proxies

2 - Before posting this inquiry I checked all my Email they are working very well.

3- I used to work before on 120 Threads & HTML timeout = 120 & Custom time to wait = 60 Seconds 

4- All my filters are disabled 

5- I am solving all Captchas = > Retry 1 time

Please again I Just Need a Pictures Of Screen Shots to Guide Me For The Best Setting In General

God Bless You All

Best Answers

  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    It's better you post your screenshots and people will advise you.
    For a start you should lose the public proxies, they will not help your LPM.
  • Accepted Answer
    Yes, after the recent 2 updates LPM is almost zero


  • If I am depending on Private Proxies only they get banned fast by Google

    So I am using the Public Proxies for = > Search + PR Checking + Submission

    And the 10 Private Proxies for = > Verification

    Thanks for the fast Responce

    God Bless
  • Since 6 hours My LpM is = > 0.60

    Verified URLs = >  ZERO 

    All platforms are enabled

    I really don't know what to do :o(
  • If Anyone Here Is Happy With The New Update 


    Share Your Smart  Setting With Us

    God Bless 
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