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Which threadcount is being used for Proxies?

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Just curious......

- When using proxies, which "theads to use" are being utilized? The one under the main options setting OR the one under the proxies >> configure >> options setting?

- Also....when my proxy count goes down (I start with 20 private proxies), does that signify that Google is temp banning my proxies, the load time is too long, or both? Any sort "recommended" thread count for say 20 fast, private proxies, in order to stay safe and to keep my proxy count from lowering in SER?


  • SvenSven
    edited October 2012

    proxies have there own threads handling. It's independent.

    a proxy count going down has only something to do with proxies not working against the proxy-test-url/string and/or the proxy was detected as down during use.

  • Yeah it's weird that the private proxies are sometimes being detected as going down by SER "test url string" because as soon as I go to test proxy connection within SER, they all test just fine, without any problems.

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