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Project file generating

I want generate .prj files with another soft. Im looking .prj in notepad, all clear... But how to be with e-mails data?

All passwords encoded. How I can input e-mails data in project file?



  • Ivolk I do development outside of GSA and I have asked this question of Sven. Passwords are hashed by GSA SER and you cannot hash them yourself outside of GSA SER. 
  • So I can modify all, but without emails? Only manual email import...

    I need create about 500 projects ((

    may be somebody knows how to automate this proccess?
  • Ivolk After you import 500 projects you can highlight them all and go to Modify Project > Import > E-Mail Accounts, and email your list of email addresses, You can import 500 or 1000 at 2 per project, or more. 

    Just put together a list in this format:
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