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Looking to install a 2nd SER & CB on Computer. What are the Configs needed?

edited February 2014 in Need Help
I have SER & CB installed and running on a computer.  I'm purchasing a 2nd install of SER & CB and want to run it on the same computer the 1st install is running (powerful computer :)  @Sven what are the custom configs that need to be done so that I can achieve this?


  • Sorry I don't know the answer (I have a feeling it's not allowed, though), but what is the spec of your computer just out of interest?
  • SvenSven

    this is not going to work as there are several conflicts.

    - timings between search engines

    - project saving

    - site list saving

    - ...

  • Maybe:
    1. buy another computer :-)
    2. buy a VPS service
    3. maybe you can try with Sandboxie, actually I never tried it, but I red somewhere you can run 2 softwares in the same pc
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