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stats for verified/identified/successful IDENTICAL ?

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
edited August 2012 in Bugs
from options > advanced > tools > stats > verified/identified/successful
the results are IDENTICAL
saved them and compared results

should they be identical ?


  • SvenSven
    They are identical by default if you don't change the folders where they get saved in.
  • ok that is fair enough even though I feel is counter-intuitive and deserves a little explantion somewhere if not a DEFAULT setup to distinguish between them

    1) so what are really those stats then ? identified ?

    2) then I can create a folder for successful and verified in GSA folder and point the setting there
    (I can leave identified with no change ?)

    3) can I directly add remove from the lists ? or only through the import ? then how can I delete sites ?


  • SvenSven

    1) Remove duplicate URLs/Domains from it by using the popup menu -> you have no all sites that have been identified

    2) Yes

    3) You can edit the files the way you want. These are normal text files with one URL each line.

  • thanks
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