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CB crashes immediately

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My CB trial is almost over so any quick replies would be much appreciated!

It crashes without showing CB's GUI at all.
The weird thing is that GSA does work.

Fresh XP sp3 install. No windows updates after.
The only things I have installed are:
UltraVNC with mirror driver.
CB and GSA

My guess is that CB using some sort of OCR and that it crashes because of the UltraVNC mirror driver. (I tried uninstalling it but it still crashes. Not sure if it uninstalls completely).

I sent the crash report.
If Sven can take a quick look, that would be nice.
I'm looking to purchase but I need to know that it works first.


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    EDIT: I uninstalled UVNC and Teamviewer, using just RDP. Same issue :(
  • Ok, I guess it's a problem with the physical memory. I installed Win7x86 and same problem.
    It's an old computer with 512mb ram 266mhz.
    Not sure if the memory is damaged (no errors with other programs though) or CB needs a different kind of memory.

  • SvenSven
    GSA is the company. Anyway 512MB should be just fine. However if the crash report arrived, I will check it.
  • Yes, SER, not GSA :)
    Anyways, let me know if you find anything worth reporting back to me.
    Thanks Sven.

  • Sven, please take a look at my report. My trial will end today :(

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