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How to Import Tier 1 RankWyz on GSA Ser?


I am creating web 2.0 properties with posts on RankWyz for then export and use these URLs on GSA Ser.. 

What's the appropriate procedure? should I put all the urls in a same campaign?

Any special recommendation, taking into consideration?

Thanks in advance


  • How many web2.0 you are having in a network on rankwyz. What i am doing, i am creating a network consisting of 40 web2.0 and then use those 40 web2.0 links in an tiering project, I normally have a 3 tier setup and its work for me quite well. Hope it will help
  • Hello, Around of 20 blogs with 5-7 post each one How I will to config keywords for these urls on this campaign? Thanks
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    andgomez Install RankWyz URLs Downloader and run. Configure new Link Profile to be downloaded from RankWyz to your desktop.

    Enable Auto-Download


    Launch GSA SER, Create New Project In URL field use macro  %spinfile-file location%  (example %spinfile-D:\rankwyz\urls.txt%) to automatically load urls from file.


    Configure the rest of the project details and click “Start”. Now you have you blogs posts backlinked on complete auto-pilot..
  • @Coneh34d - Thanks for the illustrations! What frequency are you setting the auto download to? Also, do you have the url downloader installed on the same machine that GSA is on or do you send the txt files to dropbox?

  • I have it set it download once a day, but I am only building 150-200 Web 2.0's a week.  If were doing more, I would download more often. I run it off of the GSA SER server and save it to Dropbox.

  • @coneh34d When I try to work with RankWyz URLs Downloader it fail show Java error
  • andgomez You just need to go over to and install Java.
  • @coneh34d show error when I do click on Auto Download
  • Did you create a new profile, pick your project in RankWyz, and set the download directory?
  • No my friend.. where I can set download folder?
  • image

    Right here where it says file
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