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Custom engine that will just visit 2 links.

edited February 2014 in New Engines/Platforms
I'm trying to create a custom engine file that will just visit 2 links (one after another).
The important part is that it needs to keep cookies from first link in order to view the second one.

I have made this but for some reason it doesn't work like it should (views on second link are not counted).
default checked=0
url must have=http://*
engine type=Test
anchor text=0
creates own page=1
uses pages=0
extract keywords=0
skip ext links on=0
skip content on=0
skip url content on=0
posted domain check=2


modify url=
just download=1

modify url=
just download=1

Will "modify url" keep cookies in STEP2 from link in STEP1 ?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    cookies are handled internally. You just need to do it this way if cookies are set by javascript.


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