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Need someone to help me improve GSA performance - will pay!!

Willing to pay for consultancy for someone to help me increase my lpm and optimise my GSA setups - i know my way around GSA fairly well and understand most of the settings etc but my lpm is abysmal for some reason and not getting great results in terms of verified urls per project. I am willing to pay for someone to take a look at my setups and give advice on how to optimise.


  • Hi, I will take a look if you want.
  • Let me know how i can help you. And I am not willing to get payed. I would love to help you without any charges.
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    What's your lpm currently?

    I smacked my head against the wall for a good while in order to figure out why my lpm was so low and in the end, there were a few obvious reasons. I'm sure you are at least doing one of these wrong.

    In order to get high lpm, you have to:
    1. use SER for posting only. No scraping.
    2. scrape URLs with external tools like scrapebox, hrefer, gscraper, dedupe everything and import into gsa.
    3. run multiple projects at once. Don't expect a high lpm if you only run a hand ful of projects.
    4. lower your filters. Turn off the bad words, turn off pr checking etc. - more quality = lower lpm and vice versa.
    5. use a good bunch of dedicated proxies.
    6. increase the amount of threads (only if it makes sense - no good having 10 proxies and trying to run 200 threads, get more proxies) - the more threads you run, the higher your lpm. watch your cpu usage.
    7. use purchased AA or your own verified lists, in case it makes sense for your link building strategy (like blasting lower tiers).
    8. Don't go crazy checking for verifieds, like every 10 minutes or so. Every second SER takes to verify links is a second not spent posting. Of course, for tiered projects you have to make sure your T1 etc. has verifyable links, so be sensible, obviously.
    9. use a fast captcha solver, like captcha breaker and if you can afford it, a recaptcha OCR. More captchas solved correctly = more links submitted.

    Outside of these, I found very little factors to have a big influence. Running SER on a VPS/dedi is a given, forget it on an average home connection if you want high lpm.

    Open to hear if anybody found stuff on top of the list above to increase LPM.
  • proxy speed
    engine selection
    captcha retries
    prexisting accounts

    there are more-

  • Posting multiple times to the same sites will give you a crazy lpm and you'll maintain it. But I really think it's stupid to worry about lpm if you are not doing churn and burn. Instead you should rather worry about the quality of your links, especially your tier 1 links.
  • @krushinem what do you mean exactly with pre-existing accounts? Not sure I understand...
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    lpm will be higher if you use a project with accounts already existing basically the same thing that @fakenickahl said
  • @krushinem ah right thanks :) I must have posted at the same time as fakenickahl
  • kyloe18 - Why don't you just post the relevant screen shots here, and then we can all help you for free?
  • If someone wants to help me as well - I am also willing to pay for an hour of your precious time. I know GSA SER but my stats are just not that good and I want to set it up the right way now that I have more time to play with it.

    SO if you are interested PM please.

    Things I need help with: Perfect settings and setting up an almost money-site-safe tiered linking structure.

    I have 50 semi dedicated proxies, Captcha Breaker, Spamvilla, AskMeBot. and KM3 or WAC for content.

    So everything is ready to go - I just need a guiding hand.
  • same is my problem.... i need to 1000 drupal verifty in gsa.   who teach me ? i can pay 100 dolars if someone teach me .... just send me your skype.
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