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Hi @sven,

I have the following problem:

I post only to imported links, using private proxies. I use public proxies only for PR checking. Therefore I have proxie scraping/testing activated. In the options window I have checked "check if anonymous" and also checked "Remove non-anonymous proxies".

I have disabled "Automatically disable private proxies when detected to be down on use".

What happens is, that my private (anonymous) proxies where disabled during test cycles of the public proxies due to a failed anonymous test of my private proxies. If I test them in scrapebox they all work and show "anonymous".

Could you perhaps insert two checkboxes underneath the "Remove anonymous proxies" like [ ] public proxies [ ] private proxies --> this should help fine-tune the "Remove anonymous proxies" checkbox --> Remove only if [x] private proxies or/and [x] public proxies

Is this possible ? Thanks...



  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Why would you have the option enabled to remove private proxies anyway?
  • Okay - good question. For me, it would be great if this option only removes non-anonymous public proxies. But till now, it removes private proxies also. Or did I miss any option where I could exclude to deactivate private proxies if test fails and include public proxies ?
  • SvenSven
    if you disable uncheck the option to disable private proxies, it should no do that at all and only work on public once.
  • I have disabled "Automatically disable private proxies when detected to be down on use". Did you mean this option ?

    I think this happens if a "out of memory" error happens and Ser continues with his work. I'll take a look at this when it happens and report it back.

  • Yup, I have this problem too...

    I do not want SER to test and disable my private proxies.

    Even if I disable/uncheck "Automatically disable private proxies when detected to be down on use"

    SER will still test my private proxies if I enable/check Test proxies

    - All (good only ) + Re-test previously working proxies or
    - All (good/bad)

    Occasionally SER's proxy tester goes "unstable" and all my good private proxies get disabled and I have no proxies to work with.

  • edited February 2014
    Yes, that's exactly the thing that happens with my Ser installation. Anyone else can confirm this ? Perhaps this happens if Ser tries to post through a proxie and gets several timeouts ? Does Ser then automatically disable the proxie with the timeout ?
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