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Web20 Sites Posting

As you may know, contextual links are really important to tier 1 links. Now, sometimes these accounts get deleted / removed and if this happens, you lose a lot of link juice to your website. I noticed that if you have high quality content these account don't get delete. But also, another thing that keeps them from removing your account is having more than 1 post in your web20 site.
So my question is, let's say you create some web20 sites for your tier 1 with gsa ser, can you somehow post again to the same sites, a new article, maybe without a link (to keep everything looking as natural as possible) ?


  • SvenSven
    You can do that of course. No link for 1st post or you use branding anchor to 100% and citation also with 100%.
  • Thanks for the reply Sven, but how exactly do i do this? What steps do i have to take to make it post to the same web20 sites again without creating new accounts?
  • SvenSven

    1. turn schedules posting on -> posts per account >1

    2. anchor text options -> 100% branding anchor + 100% citations

  • Thanks man, really appreciate your help!
  • Me too I'm really interested of this feature.

    2 question please @Sven :-)

    1) in the way you just wrote here (turn schedules posting on -> posts per account >1), how to do for don't create new webs 2.0 and only post to already existing accounts? I was using this feature, but the project was creating both new articles on existing accounts but also new webs 20

    2) maybe it can be useful to create the option "Post links only in the first article", so we can build many more article and make each web 2.0 like a small website with many (spun) articles. I tried the option "Post first article without links", but in the end, when I stopped the project, I got some web 2.0 with only one article without links...

    Thanks for the reply :-)
  • SvenSven

    1. keep accounts per site to 1

    2. I don't see a use in such an option really.

  • @Sven, thanks.

    Sorry, I try to explain better, just in case I was not clear before.

    I think that (ONLY for tier 1), if I build web 2.0 blogs (I'm using serengines) with only one article and one link, OR if I build web 2.0 blogs with 4 or 5 articles (but only one have the link to the money site, the other articles are created only for to increase a bit more the authority of that blog), there can be a reasonable difference. Each T1 with 5 post will have more importance for Google than another with only 1 article.

    But probably I can get the same result in the other way you told before.... I don't know...
  • SvenSven
    next version has a new option here
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