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Projects "Paused" State apparently resets after program restart.

edited October 2012 in Bugs
Hi, i'll keep it short, i have several projects, all have submission limits, and what happens is as follows:
-> I start the program keep it running for hours
-> Eventually some projects reach the (P) state (i assume it means its paused because they have hit the limit) with blue color (only verifications)
-> If i restart the program, they are no longer on the (P) state, and continue submitting as normal (like i have restarts or started the project just now)

So my question is, is this normal ? I thought the limits were calculated according to the system time (think i read it in a thread here), and not with the actuall program uptime.

Ps: i never actually tried to monitor the program when i pass midnight, to see if the status changes at that time.


  • SvenSven
    This has been answered several times. Unless you use the option to pause on XX submissions/verifications a day, this number is not kept in mind.
  • I have it "checked"
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