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Support for Transferring software

I have email spider, verifier, and indexer on my vps.

I am moving to a new VPS But do not have the original purchase emails to reset the keys.
I have sent in detailed emails asking for help on the main site with no response.
I really need to move this software over and need help.
I moved my GSA SER because I still had that email.

As you can see I own alot of your products and love them I just need some help.


  • SvenSven
    Common, where did you send your request? On the contact formula or by email? I just finished replying to all emails and I didn't got yours. Also think of the day and time. I am probably lifing in a different time zone than you and it's weekend anyway...noone works on weekends usually.
  • It was on the contact for and submitted 3-4 days ago. I just need to know how to recover keys if I don have the original email anymore.I wanted to transfer my vps this weekend and put the software on the new vps.

    And I sent the email during the week.
  • SvenSven
    Then I have sent the licenses for sure unless it's some stolen / carded / already blacklisted one. Send me the details in pm.
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