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When a link is deleted, should it disappear from verified links, right?

Yesterday I was testing (again!) a T1 project and i created 38 web 2.0 with Serengines. After that, I stopped the project.
One day after (today), I checked manually  some random web 2.0 and I discovered that some of them today are not alive anymore (yesterday they were alive, probably today a webmaster deleted some).
How can I know which links are not alive? I tried to run the project with  "Verify only" but all the 38 links appair always in the "Verified" status.
I also tried the status "Active (Re-Verify)" but nothing.... Ser don't delete them.

I know there are some tools that can check and verify link, but probably GSA Ser do the same automatically.... in some way...


  • If you set re-verify links option, then SER will auto verify your verified links again and if it found an error, it removed that link from the list. If you still have an issue, you can verify those links after certain interval yourself and remove them.

    2ndly how do you get 38 verified submissions with serengines. I hardly get 20+. What is your thread setting if you mind to share and are you using private proxies?

  • @idreesfarooq
    I already tried the optio "Re-Verify", and nothing is changed. Anyway, now I try again

    About serengines, I use 150 threads (i have around 20 projects running), and 20 Semi Dedicated Proxies.

    I don't know why, but sometime Serengines works fast (30 verified in less than 30 minutes), and sometime very slow (5 verified in a couple of hours). With same settings.
  • I confirm this behavior. @Sven, look please, maybe a bug.

    I created an url shortener only project, ran it for a few minutes, got about 100 links, unchecked all SEs, and set the project to re-verify every 15 minutes, and set a status to Active (Reverify).

    Then I decided to verify through a menu 2 days later. Only 69 links were live.
  • SvenSven
    URL Shortener are special...they don't verify links but think on a successful message that the link is verified (extracted from that success page). If you see that this is not a correct URL, then I need the site where it happened to update the script.
  • I confirm again, after other tests, that the options:
    Status > Active (Verify only)   and  
    Status > Active (Re-Verify)
    are not deleting any link on my projects. The only cleaning of the dead urls that is working for me is:
    Stop the project > Show URLs > Verified > Verify > All URLs

    In this way I find many dead links in each project (from 10% to 30% depending of the niche > Gambling and Adult niches get many urls deleted very soon, other niches not so many).

    These are my settings, I set a re-verify each 3 days


    Am I doing something wrong?
  • SvenSven

    Status > Active (Re-Verify)

    Thats doing exactly the same as the thing you would do in the GUI of show verified urls

    Status > Active (Verify only)

    That has nothing to do with removing links though. It's just verifying all your submitted links.

    Status > Active (Remove Links)

    This is propably the one oyu are looking for? It is logging into the site, change things and removes the URL / profile whenever possible. Though the URLs are not removed from the projects database, just physically online.

  • Hello @Sven,
    no, I don't want to remove any link from the created web 2.0.

    I just want to remove from the verified url list the links that are not live anymore. I tried all the automated functions, as I said before, but no one remove the dead links.

    Just now I tried again with a T2 project. There were 361 verified urls, I tried to stop the project and to change the status in:

    Status > Active (Re-Verify)

    but after one hour it doesn't deleted any link. After that, I tried the only way it's working, this one:

    Stop the project > Show URLs > Verified > Verify > All URLs

    When it finished, it founds arounds 200 verified urls that were dead (all in red color), so I could easily delete them.

    That's why I say that the option  Status > Active (Re-Verify) is not working
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @Peterperseo, I wasn't able to get re-verify to work with 7.50, It works with 7.45 and will probably work again in a future update, or that could have just been me.

    If you right click > Show URLs > Verified > you can re-verify from that screen and delete.
  • @Brandon Yes, you are right, as I said before, that is the only working way to delete dead urls
  • SvenSven
    Just tested it and all worked here. You might have seen not all being reverified in this mode because of the setting to not reverify all (time + moving pages).
  • Thanks, I will try to change that settings
  • "Status > Active (Remove Links)"

    Is it any way to check only part of the "verified" links to remove ?

    I forgot to uncheck some scripts which creates profiles only and it created them, but I don`t want to touch articles/posts just profiles in that project, but when I changed status to "remove links" it will remove everything, is there any way to check only that I need to remove (not all) ?
  • SvenSven
    No, right now it removes all it can from enabled engines. However in one future version I might add a better way to delete individual urls.
  • It`s fantastic feature anyway, very rare in such tools, but if you could improve them yet it will be great (:
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