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Scraping for sites

I'm planning to buy GSA SER soon (actually, i will definitely buy it on monday) but there's just one thing that i don't understand.
GSA SER searches/scrapes for sites based on your keywords right? But what does it scrape for when it comes to web2.0 sites, articles, document sharing, bookmarking sites and a few other? Aren't all of these generic (not based on specific keywords)? I understand the keyword part when it comes to blog comments and maybe guestbooks and other things that don't require accounts but i'm thinking for web20 and article directories you don't need a keyword...
So question is, what is the keyword used for?


  • SvenSven
    It is used only for some engines to search targets. See the legend below the engine selection (yellow, green, dark green).
  • Thanks Sven! Your software is simply awesome!
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