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Is there a way to create an unique excel report with verified urls and its accounts?

Maybe I don't find it, but at the moment if I want to export a report with all the verified urls and accounts, I'm doing:

  1. Tools > Show Urls > Verified > Export > All (Normal)
  2. Tools > Export > Account Data

In this way I have 2 different excel files, and after that I have to search each accounts among hundreds of data, copy and paste the right accounts in the other excel spreadsheet with the verified urls. For the tier 1 I need to do some manual adjustments, that's why I need to keep all this data.

Any other simpler solution?


  • SvenSven

    If you export accounts with verified urls only, you have the actual posted URL in it.

    This is on the to do list anyway and might get improved sooner or later.

  • I tried this option, but in this way I can't get all the verified urls. For 39 verified urls, I get around 17.

    ALso, if I inly do Tools > Export > Account Data I don't get all the data I get with  Tools > Show Urls > Verified > Export > All (Normal), like anchors and link Urls.

    Anyway it's not so important don't worry, thanks for the reply
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