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RAM usage keeps moving up :-(

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hey guys,

As the title says, my RAM usage keeps moving up over time (start: 500MB, after 24 hours: 1.24GB and counting). This is my current setup:

1. Projects: 3 main pjs running at the same time:
+A: 4-tier project
+B & C: 2-tier projects

2. 50 Theads & 60 sec wait time
3. Bermanhosting 2GB VPS + 24 semi shared proxies from
4. GSA SER + SEO Indexer (50 threads + quick indexing mode) + CSX

I've updated PageFile size to 4GB to support the RAM usage.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated! Thanks!




  • SvenSven
    Wow at startup you have already 500mb usage? Thats really a lot. Is your project so heavy (a lot spin syntax use)?
  • I use The Leading Article - Ultra Mini Spins ( So it must be due to the heavily spun articles that make GSA heavy? 500MB Startup is GSA SER + Indexer + CSX combined.

  • I've found I need to restart CSX a couple of times a day to keep memory usage under control.
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