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Importing urls into GSA

just used scrapebox to scrape a footprint merged with keywords, and i have a list of urls i would like to import into GSA.

It is a text file with a single url on a single line etc

1 - i would like to confirm i go into option>advanced>tools>import urls (identify platform and sort in)
2 - i have tried to import the url with file but nothing happened, so i tried from the clipboard and it worked? is there a prob with the text file format or a bug?
3 - my scrape was a footprint taken directly from GSA for articles but the import identified other platforms too? Is this normal?



  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    1) Yes you can do that. Or you can import directly to your project like you tried in 2.

    2) To check if you indeed imported the URLs or not just right click on your project and go to show urls -> show left target urls. If your URLs are there, it worked, otherwise it didn't. Although I've never seen import target URLs -> From file not work.

    3) Yes it's normal. You can't pull back a perfect scrape, other stuff will get in there.
  • Thanks donaldbeck.

    I checked and the import was unsuccessful.

    Restarted and imported the file and it seemed to work.

    How do you import just to to a project? And to all of GSA?

    And what is the advantages of importing just to a project and to all of GSA?

  • Sorry, just found out how to import directly to the project. Right click project>import....
    So i would imagine options>...>import is the global import
  • After a project has no left target urls does gsa:
    scrape for more?
    re-verify failed ones?
  • SvenSven
    all depends on your project settings. It searches for more if you use search engines, it reverifies if you have that option on, it verified if you have that on.
  • I have a question about the 'show left target urls" @sven what does that mean?
    It cant mean how many left in the global lists to post to.. because I have 1.9 million in identified but one of my drip campaigns says it only has like 700 targets left
  • SvenSven
    It means the URLs that the project will proceed before getting new targets (search engines, site lists, whatsoever).
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