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Need help on "keywords" field in project settings

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Ok, I've search and read on the forum board here, read the pdf and watch the video tutorials, but I am still not sure what these "keywords" in the said field are used for. In the video tutorial, I see that they are not used for scraping results from the search engines (as the box "used keywords to search for target sites" is not checked). This is also not what I am trying to do.

1) If the "used keywords to search for target sites" option is not checked, then what purpose does these keywords served?

2) Are all these keywords being used randomly if I check the box "used keywords as anchor text" in the project settings? If so, then I presume that I am using these for anchor text diversification, but why is there no % option for users to assign a percentage?

3) If there is no % option in the "used keywords to search for target sites" field, then what is the difference if I just insert the same batch of 100 keywords into the "use secondary anchor text with" field whereby I can assigned a %

4) There are so many keyword fields in the tool and there are no explanation on how and what they are used for, so that we know how to use it correctly.

Please advise soonest. Thanks..


  • SvenSven

    1) That option will use your keywords on all search engine queries even if a platform/engine does not need it. You should not used it.

    2) That option is for lazy people who use the same anchor texts as keywords. So if you wan't control over this, you have to enter anchor texts and use the % options.

    3) I think you understand this wrong. Every anchor option except the primary one has a %, so having a % for that one would be useless as the rest of the % is used on the primary one.

    4) Leave the stuff as it is, thats for experts who know what they are doing. Though if you enabled the checkboxes and leave the % as it is it should be fine as these are the values found by experts to be good and secure. Of course the secondary anchor is required for you to fill out. There is a hint if you move the mouse over the fields.

  • Hi, I just need to know what are these keywords used for?
    I am not using it for search engine queries so I am not checking the option "used keywords to search for target sites".
    I have my campaign setup whereby I insert 3-5 primary keywords (with syntax) next to the url in the URL field.
    Then I have another set of secondary keywords for diversification which I input into the  secondary keywords field with the assigned %, and all the generic and domain % as well. I understand this part here.

    My question is with all the above settings setup, when GSA starts running, what does it use the "keywords" (which are the 100 keywords insert into the "keywords" field - as shown in your tutorial) for? Can you advise? What is the purpose then for these keywords? Since I already defined my main primary keywords, and the secondary keywords in the relevant fields.

    This is confusing.. Why the tutorial showing 100 keywords inputting into the keywords field, what purpose does this served?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    The keywords are still used for some platforms like blogs/trackbacks even if you don't check "always use keywords to find target sites".

    I'm pretty sure the keywords are used in the scripts as well. I've seen the %keyword% variable in scripts for different things.

    By the way, when you say you have assigned your primary keywords and secondary keywords these are usually referred to as anchor text by most people.

    The best thing to do is enter keywords that are relevant to your niche in the keyword field.

    I don't know the scripting as well as Ozz/Sven so I can't say exactly how they are used in the scripts.
  • SvenSven
    Whenever an engine wants you to enter tags or keywords for a submission (like in social bookmarks) than they are used as well during submission.
  • Ok thanks all for the input.. It takes sometime to understand this awesome tool.. But I will try to explore and figured it out so that I can maximized the tool power.. :)
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