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I can never get tier 1 right

Hi guys.
can you tell me exactly what platforms to choose for tier 1? I usually choose articles, wikis, social networks, web 2.0s. I dont bother to uncheck any subcategories within those categories. I just check them all.
I can never rank this way, I dont know if it's my link velocity or some of these platforms are known sources of spam? I know expressengine is spammed to death and recently I have been unchecking it. But that didn't really help so far.
Another problem I am having with tier 1 is that some of them are editable without requiring login. a lot of wikis are editable, and I also noticed some drupal blogs are editable. so in theory, someone could remove your link and put their own link instead.
Another problem I am facing is that some of these sites allow comments. so when you post an article, a spammer could comment 1000 times, stealing your link juice and making your article useless.
Can you please tell me exactly which platforms (subcategories) to choose for tier 1? Like drupal, joomla, phpmotion, etc?
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