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Noob Question/Clarification on shielding oneself

From the GSA Manual:

"Although you may run GSA SER on your home/office computer(s), it is strongly recommended that you not do so to avoid getting your ISP account terminated. Rather, it is recommended to run GSA SER on a hosting provider."

So does this hold true even if one buys private proxies and or uses a VPN?

Also, when I plugged in my proxies from and tested them, it says 'proxy not detected' even though the geographic location proxy test displayed is totally far away from my location. Does this mean the proxy is working or do I need to do something else?



  • SvenSven

    I don't know your ISP but you never know. I never used proxies, VPS or a VPN. Never got problems.

    Where in detail do you see 'proxy not detected' ?

  • time warner is my isp... my understanding is that proxies and a vpn protects you from being detected, i am not familiar with the hosting option you mentioned above. my hosting is with bluehost. 

    proxy list > test proxies > "not working"
  • I've had no issues with my ISP, but I am using private proxies.

    The only issue I can see is if there is a bandwidth cap from your ISP. Going over the cap may trigger a warning from them.

    If your proxies come up as not working, just tell buyproxies to issue you new ones. Turnaround time is fairly quick.

    What I've noticed is some of them go into not working, but when I check them a few hours later they are working again. 
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