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How many backlinks on article


My tier1 web 2.0 properties are all unique articles. What is an optimal amount of backlinks on one article? Maybe 1-2, but is there something wrong if those 2 backlinks are pointing to the same site? Or is it better to use only 1 backlink on one article on each web 2.0 site?

Thank you


  • I would also like to know this. I currently have 2 - 3 link within an article for my web2.0.
  • Is it better to use different web 2.0s if backlinks are pointing to the same site but different urls?

    I mean: article1 pointing to my url 1, article2 pointing to my url 2 etc

    I mean web 2.0 domain ip is the same → many backlinks from the same ip (web 2.0) are pointing to the same ip (my site)

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