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Adding list of multiple websites in URL field

edited October 2012 in Need Help
Hi, I would like to know the purpose of adding a list of multiple websites in the URL field in a single project?
I have added about 4-5 websites in the URL field, with the respective anchor text tied to each single URL.
Upon running the project through comments,guestbook,directory,socialbookmarks modules, I found out that the software does not chose and use any of the websites entered randomly, and only uses the website that is shown at the top line. So in this case, if the software does not uses all the websites randomly for submission, what is the purpose of entering multiple urls instead. Can anyone provide me advise please...


  • i use several deep links in that box as well, and SER chooses for my taste too randomly all other urls there, so it works just fine
  • SvenSven
    yes thats what it is for, choosing one random URL on submission. Maybe you used the option to modify the URL to the root/main url on 100% of submissions?
  • OK, I will check again.. Because when I check the first 100 or so links, all are linking to 1 url only.
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