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Anyone getting out of memory way more now?



  • fakenickahl?  Would appreciate it.
  • I got it from volumedrive, but the 16gb ram does not normally come with the package I got, however I believe you can pay a one time fee to upgrade from the 8gb it comes with. But I do believe 8gb is more than enough if you are just running ser. I would highly recommend volumedrive though as their support is very fast and I have not seen prices this low anywhere else.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    version 7.45 seems to be a sweet spot for me.
  • Do somebody have 7,45 version ? Downgraded to 7,41 as it eat less cpu than 7,50..
  • @fakenickahl shhhhhhhh....don't want volumedrive getting over-stretched. They already take ages to set up a server at the moment.......
  • edited February 2014
    Just checked why I've gone from 135LPM to 5LPM after updating to T1s are now kitchen sinks. All tiers are messed up....great....rolled back to 7.47 and it's the same. 

    Is there a way to save all options/settings as you get a warning before updating that any unsaved data will be lost - I back everything up every few days but surely when I update SER I don't have to restore my old settings every time - unfortunately I haven't backed it up since I managed to fix the out of memory problems I've been having? I'd never run all engines on my T1s and I have my own strategy for T1,T2,T3 that has been lost completely. All tiers now have all engines ticked. This isn't what I've ever done before.

    Seems like I have a long day ahead of changing everything back to normal now....damn.
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