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using SER just for the purpose of creating accounts

I want to post original, hand-written articles myself instead of having SER post spun ones. Here is my plan: I will start posting like normal, but using a fake url (like Then, I want to go back, log on manually through my browser, delete the spun articles, and post the good ones with my real url. Now here is the problem: a lot of articles, when you go back, have no "log in" link. So I can go back to the article and see it's there, but I can't edit it because I don't know how to log in. Any solutions for me?


  • SvenSven
    Well why not just turn on the "Custom Mode" in project options? Before posting, it asks you certain thinks like inputting the article. So you can always decide what to submit to what site, hand written.
  • Some old thread but I have an opposite situation - I have created accounts - mails are waiting to be downloaded by gsa - but how can I omit the registration step - and only make gsa to download those credentials from mail and start posting on them?
  • SvenSven
    not really possible sorry
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