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Poweruphosting, anyone else having trouble recently?

Just curious if anyone else is having trouble with their VPS there recently? I have used them trouble free for months but suddenly two crashes/inaccessible server issues in the past week or so. Support has been decent but what they told me doesn't add up actually. They have been very reliable thus far, but I wanted to how it is working for others here.


  • donchinodonchino
    Have had some disconnections for the past few days.. but not too worried yet
  • Yes, 
    i had crashes too.

    Here is what i advise:

    • before you leave RDP minimize the windows of GSA captcha breaker and GSA search engine ranker
    • Monitor the CPU usage with task manager. Look at the processes.
    • Uncheck client for microsoft network in network adapter.
  • Thanks for the advice but at this point what I advise is to move to SolidSeoVps post haste. I did and I am not looking back. About the same specs, price and much better performance, service + no mysterious router reboots that reboot the VM.
  • Been sending them tix all day.. no response.. the advise in the email that fixes is from 2pm to 7pm.. its 430am now and my vps is still down and yet no response..
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