IP leaking with Recaptcha

Seems like there's some bug in the recaptcha or proxy processing in SER / CB.

I tested with a fresh set of proxies, setting those proxies (socks proxies) in SER I get the blob captchas all over. Testing the proxies in IE manually with recaptcha sites and google.com/recaptcha, I get regular ones shown.

Tried to enter several times a wrong captcha and still getting the regular ones, removing the proxy I instantly get blobs shown. So seems like the problem is still present which would explain the problem solving recatpcha URL / blob captchas. Seems yesterday's update didn't fix it :(


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    I also noticed this behavior.

    edit: In my very very limited testing, it seems that google is simply able to better tell apart bots from real browsers. Or the IP is leaking somehow like you suggest.
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    Yup, I believe my real IP is leaking too.

    Here's a little test I did...

    My SER runs on a dynamic IP system.

    I was getting blob recapthcas for an hour or so. Without stopping SER or changing proxies, I rebooted my router, got a new IP (different C class), and suddenly easy recaptchas again...

    Is this just a coincident, or my IP is leaking, or Google is getting better?...

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    seems as indeed there was a bug ... fixed it now.
  • Downgraded to SER v7.44, and all is fine...

    Sven, is there a problem if I keep switching in between versions?

    Will my project and/or data files get corrupted?...

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    shouldn't be a problem as no big changes have been made to project structure saving.
  • Thanks Sven...

    Sticking with v7.44, seeing easy regular recaptchas right now...

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    Hmm i tested our Recapcha Framework Tester today to see how long it takes Recaptcha to show Blobs captcha variation here tested with 1 proxy , 1 thread you know what result was completely different after 900 captcha i got first blob picture is below http://api.recaptcha.net/noscript?k=6LfmYAUAAAAAALxOmZLRSQc19PZWLULd1MT1F3i1 url tested against the full picture can be seen below Recaptcha Ocr
  • Still getting blobs. Testing with browser and the same proxy getting regular recaptcha, in GSA getting blobs. @sven possible there's another bug not fixed yet?
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Its fixed in next version.
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    For me when I start seeing the Blobs in CB, if I go to any website in my web browser that has ReCaptcha on it from inside my VPS, that page is also showing Blobs. So it looks like ReCaptcha is seeing me Server IP somehow.

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