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problem with %spinfile-%

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I have a list of female first names, and I insert it into my article like this: 

It pulls a female name and inserts it into the article like it is supposed to. But the 2nd time it is used, it pulls a different female name. This is not working like the macro guide says.

"This is reading a random line from the file. Though the same line is used if this macro is used more than once on a submission with the same file. As alternative you can also use a directory instead of a a file. Than a random file from that directory is used.

Example: My name is %spinfile-names.dat% %spinfile-lnames.dat%. Output: My name is Earl Grey.

The example above is using the macro two times but on different files (so it is always using a random line, just when you later use the %spinfile-names.dat or %spinfile-lnames.dat% on the same site it is using the same content)."

So when I use %spinfile-c:\spam\girl1.txt% more than once in an article, according to the macro guide, isnt it supposed to use the same name each time?

If not... how can I make it use the same name again?


  • edited January 2014
    Sorry that is so hard to read. When I put a blank line in the message box, it apparently removes it when I click save.
    *Edit: Fixed the blank lines.

    Still have original problem.
  • SvenSven
    Indeed it should insert the same line into it. Where do you see a different behavior? On test/preview or submission?
  • Yes I see the error when testing, i havent done submission yet.
  • SvenSven
    OK, thats normal for testing...some parts are just not as accurate there sorry.
  • Ok, thank you
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