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Gsa Indexer, not indexing?

Hello friends... I bought gsa indexer last week...

I run 4270 verified links... after 5 days.... only 73 backlinks in ahrefs....

sucks indexing... why it ?

Anyone can help me ?

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  • SvenSven
    Please watch your language. You can not expect that ahref is showing your links instantly. It's always different when links appear and alot depends on the quality as well.
  • edited January 2014
    With indexification, i receive results after 1 day.... and the same urls... 

    With 5 days, i got 6k in ahrefs....

    With GSA Indexer i got 73 urls in ahrefs with 5 days.... i think the problem not is quality of links and time to appear in ahrefs :)
  • I have never used a indexing service . 
    Your low count may  be due to the fact that you are indexing sh!t links which are already spammed to death . Try looking at the health of sites to which you have built links . Also try making your own footprints .
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